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#FridayMixdown : Midnight Beach Mixtape Vol. 4: TOMBZ

#FridayMixdown : Midnight Beach Mixtape Vol. 4: TOMBZ @tombzzz #LockMeInTheTrap

It’s not Halloween yet, but f*ck it. It’s about to get “scurrrrrry” up in he-ya! If Satan, the Three 6 Mafia and Lex Luger all got together for a sadistic romp and a baby was somehow conceived – TOMBZ would be that baby. It’s that real, and although my Christian soul is urging me to stop listening to them; I can’t!

TOMBZ is Andrew Meier, Tom Anderson and Josh Wilson; three producers who have a…

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Wednesday Night saw all the most fashionable people gather at the Hoxton Hotel for the glitzy Shopcade Style Battle party. There was a buzzing hubbub of fashionistas, the sound of clinking glasses and camera flashes going off capturing the load of fashion insiders, models and VIPs arriving including, Made In Chelsea’s Francesca Newman-Young and Ashley James.

The fashion set gathered together drinking Malibu Piña Coladas and were treated to a DJ set from Hoxton Radio’s Frank McWeeny, followed by some beats from the gorgeous DJ Vogue Williams, topped off with a live acoustic set from Joel Baker, spoiling the attendees endlessly.

Crowning the winners Diogo Barradas and Imogen De Souza for their implacable style choices was the panel of fashion industry insiders, including celebrity fashion stylist Rebekah Roy and fashion photographer Sam Atkinson, not forgetting our very own editor in chief Kahmarl Gordon.

The friendly like-minded crowd, cool location and top-notch entertainment made for a sophisticated soirée. We enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait for the next one!

Want to come to the next party? Download the Shopcade app and start uploading your looks. The next style battle opens on the 1st May giving you the chance to win a photo shoot by a professional photographer, with leading hair and make-up artists and styled in all the best designer labels. All of which will be featured in our magazine. Get snapping!


Photos by Dave J Hogan from Getty Images

- Olivia Kelly, Social Media Editor

Shopcade Style Battle Party @Shopcade SUCH A GREAT NIGHT! x Wednesday Night saw all the most fashionable people gather at the Hoxton Hotel for the glitzy Shopcade Style Battle party.



#TT : DJ Mehdi We Miss You

#TT : DJ Mehdi We Miss You @edbangerrecords

Ed Banger Records was literally my life in the mid ’00s. It was basically my first introduction to all things electro, and ever since I first heard “Waters of Nazareth” by the awesome duo Justice, I was hooked and I had to know everything about Ed Banger. Besides Justice and Uffie (I mean, her raps were hilarious – but they worked) I had fallen head over heels in love with DJ Mehdi. This week, we…

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#weareMUSIC: Kyle Lettman

#weareMUSIC: Kyle Lettman @kylelettman

Ever sat there and thought I know him…Or I recognise the face at least? That’s the moment I had when I was introduced to up and coming UK star Kyle Lettman. I stared at the photo on his press release for at least 10 minutes before moving on and reading the rest, after which I had that classic ‘duh’ moment (Cue Homer Simpson) when I found out that Kyle was 1/3 of UK R&B trio FDM aka Fun*dmental!


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Meet The Parents

Meeting your partner’s parents seems to be a massive deal all over the globe. Books have been written on it, Hollywood Blockbusters have been made about it but no matter how old you get or how experienced you become: meeting your partner’s parents pushes you in a time capsule and fires you straight back to your socially awkward teenage years.

So you’ve met an amazing person and everything is…

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#weareMUSIC : Bipolar Sunshine

#weareMUSIC : Bipolar Sunshine @bipolarsunshine

Take note because the following doesn’t happen often…I’m stupid.Yes I said it, not academically or intellectually I mean … come on now lets not get crazy, but sometimes my brain doesn’t engage, sometimes it likes to sneak up and fall asleep on me. Case in point: Bi-polar Sunshine.

Now I can understand why I’ve been seeing this name flag up in my emails for nothing short of what…3 to 4 months at…

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2014 is set to be a big year for festivals both in Britain and internationally, as we’re jamming up our diary’s with every festival we can get our hands on, whilst we’ll all probably opt for music festivals – I wanted to introduce to you a different kind of festival.

The Big Feastival is a festival fusion; a new age of indulgence, a way to eat your heart out and then dance off the extra pounds.…

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#Sonar2014 : It’s Getting Bigger!

#Sonar2014 : It’s Getting Bigger! @SonarFestival

The legendary Barcelona based International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, that’s just Sonar to you and me, has just announced 40 new acts to join its 2014 line-up! Over the last two decades the festival has seen more than 7,000 artists including big names such as Bjork, Sonic Youth, Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys.

This year is certainly no exception and will see ‘Whorl’, the new…

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#NewObsessions : Niko Harvey - ALPHA

As you would imagine I get sent so many different submissions of the same shit, I check my emails to find subjects like “Check out MC Duxxx’s new mixtape”; I’ll open them, listen to the first track and get bored – very bored. A month ago I received an email with a track that as soon as I played; the bass rumbled my very core, and that hardly ever happens. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce…

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“We innovate and then incubate ideas over time perfecting every detail” A brand like Alfie Douglas doesn’t come by often. A family ran business where everything from the design to the lookbook is made by people who share DNA, as well as the love and passion for the brand is something special. And we cannot get enough!

It was a pleasure and an honour be able to meet the whole team and family at the launch and see a live demonstration of how their beautiful bags are made. Since then, we’e been absolutely besotted with the brand and wanted to give you guys more of a taste of how AD works and include a whole host of photos of course!

AD uses fine Italian leather and the ‘saddle stitch’ technique which means if one loop is broken the whole stitch won’t unravel. All of the hardware finishes are cast from solid brass and left untreated so they age beautifully. Well worn areas will remain shiny and over time will develop a unique patina reflecting their use. Every item is Made in England and sustainable.

The designs are simple, stylish and practical – the perfect combination that will attract a wide variety of customers. I was also VERY pleasantly surprised by the prices. A small shoulder bag starts at £100 going up to £260 for one of their backpacks. If you missed their pop-up, good news – delivery is free on orders over £200 from their site

Check out the video below – it’s mesmerising.

Anna Volosenko, Senior Fashion Editor

#weLove : Alfie Douglas “We innovate and then incubate ideas over time perfecting every detail” A brand like Alfie Douglas doesn’t come by often.



Goon Club Allstars - Layers

Goon Club Allstars - Layers @GoonClubAllstar

Yesterday morning I was feeling slightly in the dumps when my good good sister over at Mishka NYC unexpectedly sent me this mixtape. It’s no secret that I love a good mix; and this made me leap out of my bed, brush my teeth and get shit done. Oh, and I am well aware that it’s not Friday – but everyday is mixdown day in my world.

DIS Magazine teamed up with the London collective Goon Club Allstars…

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We all know Phoebe-Lettice Thompson as ‘the cool one’ from Made In Chelsea. Her kooky style compared to the clean-cut nature of her Chelsea buddies made people fall in love with her. Even if she wasn’t portrayed in the best light to begin with! However we can now expect better things from the reality star, in particular her collaboration with London fashion brand Illustrated People. Who are known for their eye-catching designs and in your face prints.

This exciting collab is inspired by the Tokyo fashion scene and Harajuku girls so get ready to expect all things kawaii in your favourite soft pastel hue’s that look good enough to eat. The selection of ’90s silhouettes and rotting teeth print will be available at and Topshop from the 26th May with prices starting from £30.00.



- Olivia Kelly, Social Media Editor

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson X Illustrated People @PhoebeLettice We all know Phoebe-Lettice Thompson as ‘the cool one’ from Made In Chelsea. Her kooky style compared to the clean-cut nature of her Chelsea buddies made people fall in love with her.



Young O is currently one of the hottest UK based rappers on the scene; so hot, he’s made it onto the playlists of many musicians including he likes of Calvin Harris. With the release of his new single “Yeah I’m The Man” and his collaboration with Nutz to design a line of headphones for release soon, it’s clear to see that this guy is clearly the next big thing. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with he rising star at the arty Sanderson Hotel for a little chit-chat about everything from the single to Cashtastic and Cocoloso’s.

So your new song ‘Yeah I’m The Man’ is very different to your other style of songs. Some people would call it dance orientated. What would you say to anyone that says Dance music is on its way out?

For anyone that says a style of music is going out, I would say that music is timeless. I don’t think a genre of music can go out of style – I think we just have phases that we go through with music. There are trend,s and it just depends on the current trend. I think the next trend will be Afrobeats for summer with producers and artists like Fuse ODB, it is doing very well.

So the video for the song is not your typical video, why did you use two women for lead roles’?

People don’t know this about me but I actually direct my videos. This song is a bit different to anything I have ever done, so in turn I wanted the video to be different as well. I did not want another club video so I decided to use my imagination and have the video themed around the two women.

So talking about the two females, do you agree with same sex couples?

Yes I do, I think that it shouldn’t matter who someone is with. People should be together as long as they are happy.

The women in the video are also very pretty. Would you describe them as your ideal women?

I am getting older and I do want to settle down, but my ideal for a woman has changed. I think those women are beautiful. But I also want a woman who is driven and ambitious. I want her to be a good girl but not a goody two shoes.

Same sex couples are prominent in the news right now, is it safe to say then that you follow politics and the news?

Well I am a homebody at heart so yes I know people may think it’s boring but I do keep up with the news.

What do you think about Rapper Cashtastic who has been deported recently?

It’s really sad. There are a lot of criminals that are in this country still and have not been deported but you have a young man who has established himself as an artist. He’s a role model, he pays his taxes and is loved. I have tweeted him a few times and I just hope this situation is resolved quickly.

You have worked with Splurge boys producer, how was that and are there any other producers that you would like to work with?

Working with Splurge boys producer was something that I always wanted to do so that has been a good experience. Producers I would like to work with … That is a good question … I don’t know if many people know this but Skepta produces and I would love to work with him at some point. Also I would love to work with Wiley. Those two people are at the top of my list at the moment but there are other producers I would work with.

You also worked with Sneakbo. What was that like?

He is a really cool guy. I had seen him around a few times and we always said hello but when we worked together, it changed our friendship. He came down to the studio and wrote his verse in like 30 minutes. We had my favourite drink to get our creative juices flowing.

Drink?! Yes please, enlighten me – what is it?

A Cocoloso, you have got to try it! It’s a mixture of Coconut Ciroc and Mango Juice. You will love it.

I must say guys last Saturday I rounded up the girls to try this drink. As promised – I did love it but be warned, it’s a sneaker. You know the type that just hits you suddenly…

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for his EP which is scheduled for release this year and considering I’m going through a black and gold phase those Nutz headphones sound like a right treat too.


Download “Yeah I’m the Man” single from iTunes.

- Latoya Lovell, Contributor

Young O and Cocoloso’s @OfficialYoungO #CocolososForTheWin Young O is currently one of the hottest UK based rappers on the scene; so hot, he’s made it onto the playlists of many musicians including he likes of Calvin Harris.

Welcome Home Channel AKA

Channel AKA Relaunch? Urm Hell Yes! @channelAKA385

As soon as I saw this video, I was hyped up! Channel U was the cradle of the Grime scene back in the day, since then it went under renovations and became Channel AKA – and guess what? They’ve had a super re-brand and are back with a vengeance, once again reclaiming the title of the UK’s number one spot for all things Urban.

I don’t know how many of you remember Channel U, but they really helped…

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I remember my first Shorebitch experience at The Nest where the Shorebitch DJ’s were playing alongside Wookie and DJ Luck & MC Neat. The bass thumping through me, making every hair stand on end, people smiling, laughing and dancing hand in hand with their mates and bellowing out the words to the old school tracks that were playing. Such an uplifting atmosphere, so it’s no surprise they have become part and parcel of the London underground clubbing scene.

Bubbling away since 2012, Shorebitch’s soaring reputation since their first warehouse party has lead them to become known for their diverse range of music spanning from hip-hop to garage, and become synonymous with the best nights out and some of the most fashionable, fresh crowds. Their popularity has seen some of the biggest names in music DJing at their events including Artful Dodger, Phlo Finister and Sticky.

It seems that there is no stopping Shorebitch from throwing some of the best nights out and with summer sneaking up on us, their no bullshit approach to all night partying doesn’t seem to be losing pace anytime soon. They’re set to take Croatia by storm arriving on the heavenly beaches with their loyal party people and an insane line up including Pusha T and DMX for 5 days from 21st – 25th July.

Take to the new party island in style as tickets cost a cool £249 which includes accommodation, entry to Fresh Island festival, bus travel, and a free Shorebeach bikini or t-shirt courtesy of Hype.

Seeing as everyone wants something to look forward to, this is simply a no brainer. If you want to put sun, sea and Shorebitch in the same sentence this summer, and take mad selfies with friends in exotic places with nothing but vibes and sick DJ’s, SHOREBEACH is made for you.


- Olivia Kelly, Social Media Editor

Shorebeach @SHRBTCH #SeeYouThere I remember my first Shorebitch experience at The Nest where the Shorebitch DJ’s were playing alongside Wookie and DJ Luck & MC Neat.